Q. Why we choose Toyamacorp?

Toyamacorp is one the fastest leading automobile company in Japan who provide the best to his customers on time.

Q. Registration process before buying?

You need to get register on Toyamacorp web site for selection of any car online. Also you can view your online status of car, transportation, documentation and shipment.

Q.Who can register on Toyamacorp?

Any one from any region can be registered on our Toyamacorp Web Site without any fees like Car Dealers, Auto Mobile Exports, and Individual Customers.

Q. What are stock cars?

Stock cars are usually bought by our self for every customer. They are ready in stock for shipment after customer confirmation.

Q. What are Auction cars?

Auction cars are mostly buy on customer demand, as now a days customer are going to select their own units by simply registering on our web site and also give us the bid amount by selecting cars online for next upcoming Auctions. However you can use Online Auction system every time.

Q. Payment Procedures

As a large number of buyers who are transferring their payments on daily basis to Toyamacorp. We have allocated specific bank account numbers for our consumers on every region individually. We do not accept credit cards online because of high fraud risk. We only accept Bank Tele Graphic Transfer (TT) for safe way payment.

Q. What is shipment and procedures?

Shipment is when we send cars from one place to another place thorough sea route.
After buying of any unit, we need to deliver the unit on the customer’s assigned port.

Q. How much time it will take to deliver the car / units?

Toyamacorp always prefer fastest delivery of unit to the customer. However shipment took time approximately 04-09 weeks in delivery. Depends on schedule of shipment.

Q. What is a member ship fees?

Toyamacorp offering free member ship to all of his customers for registering on web site.

Q. What are customs and clearance?

In every country there are rules of customs and clearance. On import of anything in your country all you need to follow the directions of Customs and Clearance after shipment/delivery.

Q. Does Toyamacorp staff check every vehicle before purchase?

Yes Toyamacorp have highly experience and qualified staff in Japan who always check every car before purchase.

For any other assistance you can free to contact us any time

Call us @ +81-345-106-186
Fax us @ +81-766-55-3481
Email us @ csd@toyamacorp.org
Skype us @ skype

About Us

With the growth of evolving nations and enlarged attentiveness of resource saving, the needs for used automobiles have been and will be fetching superior and bigger. Our worldwide facilities will be assistance and promote your business according to the global movement.

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Our Contacts

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  • csd@toyamacorp.org

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